Attention: After rewinding, you get 3 seconds of invincibility to help you get back on track!

obsessed is a fun game where you - the player - are so obsessed with money that your life depends on it! Can you manage to reach the end of the hard parkour level whilst collecting as many coins as possible? Well, you better...!

The game includes some fun features such as background and floor color-change over time as well as a rewind time function that will help you get back up on your feet when you stumble upon one of the deadly spikes!

This is my first game jam and my first full game! I've really enjoyed the process of making it, it was great fun! It allowed me to practice what I had learnt and experiment with new features.

Install instructions

The game can be download as an .exe file with all the unity stuff needed or opened in your browser through the web version!

Intented screen size is 1280x720


obsessed 25 MB

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